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I’m Associate Director of The Parr Center for Ethics and Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy at UNC, Chapel Hill.

My interests are broad, but recently my research has focused on issues in the philosophy of language and ethics, especially where those fields intersect. My dissertation, The Ethics of Irony, addresses questions about the nature of irony and about the ways it can (and should) be used in conversation, art, political discourse, and our efforts at self-understanding. More generally, I’m interested in developing an ethics of meaning—a study of the ways that meaning and interpretation, understood as practices, can help and hinder us in our efforts to live well together. I also have research interests in social and political philosophy, philosophy of education, philosophy of social science, philosophy of art, and the history of American Pragmatism.

You can read more about my research here, and take a look at some of the courses I’ve designed and taught here

Between college and graduate school, I taught high school history, economics, and government at Transit Tech, a CTE school in Brooklyn, and served as the Education Director for a member of the New York City Council.